Your Emergency Succession Plan: Why you need it. What goes in it.

  • I can’t see anything outside the tent — I’m blind.
  • If I turn on a flashlight would that make me a target?
  • There is shouting all around me — what direction is the danger coming from?
  • My go-bag was open, did it have what I needed?
  • I can’t find my socks! Where is my other boot? Do I need them? Yes, I need them!
  • I’ll grab them and run for the wash-out. Oh, no! How do we get down that 8-foot drop?
  1. It clarifies authority: It provides a quick and simple definition of who oversees the succession planning process.
  • Who makes what decisions?
  • How will they be made?
  • Who decides when things go back to normal?
  • A description of core authority or functions that an acting CEO will acquire
  • The “line-of-succession” is pre-defined. Who will be the acting CEO? What if that person isn’t available?
  • Who needs to be communicated to and what needs to be said?
  • Should an interim CEO be employed?
  • Should the CEO role be broken up and shared among senior staff?
  • How to go about recruiting and selecting a new CEO.
  • How to address the gap period until that position is filled.



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Christian Muntean


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