You Probably Have The Wrong Accountant.

  • Receiving six figures back in tax credits.
  • Uncovering years of embezzlement and underperformance.
  • Learning how to use financial information to improve company performance.
  • Being able to expand the business because the finances were current and transparent.
  • Finding peace.
  • The trusted employee who was finally caught skimming the books.
  • The accounting department didn’t pay taxes on time and accrued crippling penalties.
  • A nonprofit board director threatened with arrest for fraud because of non-compliant and unethical practices on the part of employees.
  • Tax accountants who are disinterested in staying current with changes in tax law — and miss massive opportunities for their clients.
  • Bookkeepers promoted to CFO due to loyalty but they can’t handle the complexities of large organizations.
  • Companies that are financially pinched — only to discover they just aren’t billing or keeping up with receivables.
  • CFOs or bookkeepers who die or leave on short notice and no one can decipher their proprietary system of accounting.



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Christian Muntean

Christian Muntean


I help successful leaders and teams dramatically improve their performance. Guaranteed.