Two Principles That Will Make 2021 A Surprisingly Strong Year

  • A cash reserve
  • Good relationships with bankers or lenders
  • The administrative ability or bandwidth to pursue resources such as the PPP or other loans
  • Good relationships on your team
  • Good relationships with key vendors
  • Staying in “hunker down” mode
  • Reducing the value you provide to your customers
  • Steep reductions in staff
  • Not cultivating a sense of team while working remotely or with added pressures
  • Not playing offense at all
  • Find or create operational efficiencies: Find ways to make sure your efforts produce results. Do what works well, stop doing what doesn’t.
  • Create alignment: Create alignment between the stated values and vision of your organization and the decisions and goals you pursue. Make sure that your teams or divisions are similarly aligned so that ideally they support each other — minimally they aren’t working at cross-purposes.
  • Deal with conflict well: Unresolved and poorly resolved conflict is one of the largest invisible expenses in most organizations. Learning to create clarity and having respectful but hard conversations increases productivity and morale.
  • Keep the big picture: Still pursue the big goals and dreams. Airlines don’t give up on their destination just because a storm happens. They adjust their course. Eventually, they get where they were going.
  • Find the advantage: Change can be uncomfortable. But it also can create opportunity. Find the unique opportunities or advantages afforded by the circumstances you are in. Examples:
  • Many organizations were able to use the challenges of 2020 as a catalyst to address internal issues.
  • Because so many organizations went into “hunker mode” for all of last year — many customers were left not knowing where to find service. Smart companies found safe ways to deliver value and expand their market share.
  • Many companies found this was a great time to renegotiate terms in leases or agreements.
  • Others found that capital investments became easy — with so much liquidation on the market and low-interest rates.



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Christian Muntean

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