The Secret Recipe for Building an Amazing Team

  1. Create clarity in purpose and expectations: High-performing teams understand what they are supposed to accomplish and what is expected from them in terms of behavior, decision making, timeliness, and so on. They know how to win the game and what the rules are.
  1. Provide active leadership: High-performing teams are actively led. Active leaders don’t wait for circumstances to require a response. They actively set direction, communicate vision and pursue it. They are role models for excellence and break trails for others to follow. They are committed to improvement and address behaviors and bureaucracy when needed. They mentor and build others and ensure opportunities for growth exist. They encourage and acknowledge the efforts of others.
  1. Adjust your style to the need: Leaders who adapt their style will outperform leaders who require others to adapt to them. This doesn’t mean that leaders can’t have a style or personality or preferences. But if you can lead many contexts, many types of people, many dynamics — your leadership is much more useful. Any leader who insists on their style of leadership is also describing the limits of their leadership.
  1. Engage the commitment of others: There are very few dynamics where followers must follow a leader. Where they exist, they are coercive, and they do not produce amazing teams. Most of the time followers either choose to follow a leader or choose to join an organization that provides leaders. Either way — the savvy leader will realize that a follower’s commitment is always voluntary.
  1. Consistently provide accountability for both performance and behavior: The scientific method is based on the idea of using structure and objectivity to observe and confirm. When applied well it leads to deeper understanding and improvement. This is true for teams. When structure and objectivity are applied to tracking performance and behaviors — it’s easier to manage and improve both. Most team members want to know how they are doing and if their efforts are effective. Many leaders either don’t know what to track or wait until there is a problem to say anything (or both).



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Christian Muntean


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