The Number One Problem for 75% of the Businesses in America

  • Caps growth: The organization can’t grow beyond what the leader can personally take care of.
  • Reduces organizational resiliency: The leader has become a single point of failure for the organization.
  • Builds a culture of dependency: The leader often doesn’t train and may actively discourage a culture and team of decision-makers and leaders.
  • Creates organizations that:
  1. Ultimately cannot sell
  • Lack of Systems and Structure: Many leaders are great entrepreneurs, rain-makers, or technical experts. They haven’t taken the time or don’t know how to transfer what they do naturally or informally into a replicable, understandable system anyone can follow.
  • Lack of Trust: They don’t trust others. “No one else cares as much as I do.” “No one else will provide the quality that I do.” “I’ve been taken advantage of before.That’s likely all true. And most of these objections can be answered with strong systems of accountability.
  • Need to be needed: Many leaders, even owners, will tell me, “People will think that I’m not pulling my weight if I’m not doing X, Y, and Z.” And in some cases, the leader has a need to be the smartest person in the room, the hero, or the fixer.
  • They are often more than willing to receive help.
  • They build or oversee the building of systems.
  • They learn to trust others (good systems make that easier).
  • Their identity is less closely tied to their business or what they do.



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Christian Muntean

Christian Muntean


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