Reputation can make or break you: Do you know what you are known for?

  1. People needed to know about us. And not just any people but morning coffee drinkers. Specifically upper-middle-class women with jobs. The backbone of any coffee shop.
  2. We needed to quickly make a positive habit-forming impression. If someone visited for the first time and had a negative experience, or even just less than stellar, we could lose them forever.
  • Are you known or not?
  • Are you positively regarded or not?
  • Who needs to know about us?
  • What do they need to know?
  • Do they trust us? What are we doing that builds or reinforces trust? What are we doing that weakens trust?
  • Do they know we care? And if so, what specifically are we doing that communicates this? What do we need to do?
  • Are we good at what we do? Are others fully convinced that we will deliver the value we say we’ll deliver? If so, what are we doing that convinces them? Is there anything we are doing that weakens this?
  • Reputation awareness: Do you know how you or your organization is experienced and perceived by others? How do you ensure positive experiences are repeated? How do you address negative experiences?
  • Obligation to be known: If you offer anything of value, it’s an act of service to make sure people know about it. Because they are looking for it.
  • The sizzle should match the steak: Ensure you are how you want to be known.



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Christian Muntean

Christian Muntean


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