Four Reasons Why You Should Remember, “It’s the people, stupid.”

  • Relationships: People want to like, trust, and respect those around them. They want to be liked, trusted, and respected. Sometimes that just happens. Lots of times it doesn’t. Either way, the relational buck has a way of stopping at the executive desk.
  • Purpose: People want to feel valued. They want to feel like what they are doing has meaning and purpose. They want to feel like they are contributing. The executive leader has the greatest role and impact in creating a sense of value.
  • Clarity: People need clarity. About direction, expectations, roles, responsibilities, deadlines, and more. No one can confuse things or bring about more clarity than the executive.
  • Crux Decisions: Management decisions typically follow an equation along the lines of compliance with goals, policy, achieving efficiency, maintaining consistency, etc. Often, with enough consideration, the “right” management decision is fairly evident.
  • How can I grow at building relationships with others? Especially with people different than myself?
  • What do I need to feel trusted and respected? What do others need?
  • Is our work valuable? If so, how do I communicate and reinforce that? If not, what would make it valuable?
  • Where does there seem to be confusion or ambiguity? What kind of clarification is needed?
  • Have there been any avoided “crux decisions” that we need to tackle? How do we approach making decisions when there is no clear “right” answer? How do we prevent uncertainty from stopping action?



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Christian Muntean

Christian Muntean


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