Building Predictable, Repeat Business: What to Do and What to Avoid

  • They don’t have to compete as hard for customers.
  • Their cashflows become predictable (read more about the importance of good cash flows).
  • They can allow for streamlined distribution of goods or services.
  • Revenues for a period of time are highly reliable or even guaranteed.
  • Why do our customers come to us? What goal are they trying to achieve?
  • Are there any gaps, friction points, or extra steps they need to address to achieve that goal?
  • What can you offer them, on an ongoing basis, that would help them achieve that goal?
  • In what way would automating or contracting this make things easier, more reliable, more predictable (or in any other way more valuable) to the client?



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Christian Muntean

Christian Muntean


I help successful leaders and teams dramatically improve their performance. Guaranteed.