Answer These 5 Questions To “Own” 2022

  • Can’t intentionally repeat it.
  • Can’t teach it to anyone.
  1. Think of an achievement or success, this last year, when you felt particularly proud or accomplished? (Pick a situation that has a quality or result that you’d like to repeat in some way. It could be a specific result. Or how a process went. Or how something was led, etc.)
  • What specifically happened?
  • What made this experience stand out?
  • What are the one or two most important impacts or benefits?
  • Who was involved?
  1. What did you or your team do (specific actions or behaviors) that contributed to this?
  • Without being humble, what did you do? What specific decisions, attitudes or behaviors did you choose?
  • What did your team do? What decisions, attitudes or behaviors did they choose?
  1. What “proven strengths” do you have or does your team have that contributed to this? (These are deeply embedded qualities or habits or capabilities. These may be carefully cultivated and you may be very aware of them. But they may seem so natural and second nature to you that it’s easy to overlook them.
  2. What didn’t happen, wasn’t included, or was kept out — and that mattered? Sometimes there are “contaminants” which spoil success. This could be certain attitudes, behaviors, ways that meetings are conducted, certain habits, the involvement of certain people, etc.
  3. What needs to be included for this success to be repeated? What needs to be excluded?



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Christian Muntean

Christian Muntean

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